I’m on Santa’s Naughty List

Hi Everyone,
So I’ve just about written 200 words in a new novel, and while I’m taking a little brake from the books I chose to write a quick blog-post.

So as you all know Christmas was only 4 days ago, and we’re still in the Christmas season, and I don’t know about you but I’m still in the Christmas mood.

So now to get on to what this post is actually about; dose Christmas always have to be lighthearted and happy, or could we also make it dark and scary? It’s not that I have anything against the most wonderful time of the year being joyful, but the thing is I’m a horror writer anything that happens I think about how to make it scary. I don’t know maybe there’s something wrong with me, maybe I’m demented.

Here’s the thing there’s been Christmas themed mysteries, and there’s also “The Nightmare before Christmas,” but that’s more of a Halloween movie. I’ve also meat a couple people that said that the Grinch in the “Grinch Stole Christmas Movie” was kind of scary was kind of scary, but I took him more as having a dark sense of humor.

So now here’s the question that I leave all of yow with, If someone wrote a Christmas themed horror story do you think society would considered it blasphemy and unmoral, or do you think it would be accepted? And how about you personally, what would your response be?

Maybe I’ll just go ahead and write one anyway. It doesn’t really matter for me; I’m already on Santa’s Naughty List.

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