What is Love?

Hi Everyone,

So I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posed a blog, and for that I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy these past few weeks, and as a result my blog has been neglected. Although I have a few minuets today so I’m going to give you some updates, and also my Ideas on love.

So first I’ll stat off with the updates. I’m about a month in to my spring semester, my second semester at Binghamton University. So I’ve been spending most of my time on school work, but I’ve also been busily working on my novel “A Town Called Gonefor.” I’m well into the final draft, but alas It’s taking me longer than I had hoped and I fear that I may have to push the release date back until April. More updates on this to come soon.

So now for what this post is actually titled. So valentines Day was only 2 days ago, and I hope that most of you had dates, I did not. I have not been on a date in about 4 years. So I go back to my original statement what is love? I’m not really sure what love is. I know I’m not an expert on this subject, but I know that love is out there and I believe that there’s much more to it then just the significant other type of love. For instances you love your parents, you love your siblings, you love your pets act. These are all forms of love aren’t they?

As for being in a relationship, I’m glad to say that I’m happy being single. I’ve had enough relationship drama to last me lifetime. Those of you that were with someone on Valentines Day I’m happy for you. Those of you that weren’t it doesn’t really matter. Just look at Valentines Day the way I do, It’s just another day.




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