My Love Poems

Hi everyone,
So with in the realm of my most resent blog post, I suppose that I will share with you two poems that I have written about love. Mind you these are both poems I had to write for class, and the first one is supposed to be BAD, and the second one is supposed to be GOOD. Although neither of them are probably not too good. Keep in mind I’m a novelist not a poet.


My heart is weeping for you.
It feels so tart and it’s keeping me up.
Is there a land where I can fair?
I don’t think I can bare it anywhere.
Nights are worrisome and lonelysome.
I miss you so that it brings me low.


What is love?
Is it sweet?
Or is it bitter?
Dose it ever last forever?
Or does it always fall apart?

What is love?
Is love even out there?
Dose love even exist?

What is love?
It’s something that I keep on searching for.
Sometimes I can see it,
And other times its nowhere to be found.


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