Happy Spring

Hi Everyone,

So I’ll begin this Blog with 7 exciting words, “A ‘Town Called Gonefor’ is almost finished!” Be on the lookout for more details coming in very near future.

So happy belated Easter everyone I hope that you all had a good holiday, and I hope that your spring is off to a great start.

Easter, is it just a religious holiday? If it is why it celebrated by so many? Theses our 2 questions that I have been asking about Easter for many years now, and this year I think I may have found an answer.

In answer to the first question, yes Easter is mostly a religious holiday.  It’s on this day that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ; it’s because of this day that Christians even exist. This is why Easter is so important to me.

Now for the second question, Easter is also a day they symbolizes hope and new life. This is why it’s celebrated by so many different people. Hope is something that we all need, and new life is something that happens every day, it’s something that happens every spring. The flowers start growing again, the trees start budding again, and new animals are born. Just go outside there’s new life all around us.

If nothing else Easter symbolizes the start of spring. I know that I’ve been enjoying these nice spring days. How about you?




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