A Letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I wish that I could live without you, but I never seem to be able to pull it off. I Keep on saying that one day I will jump ship and find another operating system, but even though I hate you I don’t want to lose you. You basically have a monopoly, (and how you keep it is beyond me,) but because you do I’m stuck with you.

Microsoft Word used to default to Times New Roman 12, but now for whatever reason it defaults to Calibri 11. I suppose you think that because of your so-called monopoly you can make and change the stranded, but you failed to realize that the standards will not change just because you want them to. (Oh, and just FYI no academic paper uses Calibri 11, and I have lost points so many times because of this.) This is also not the only problem that I have with Word. Other problems that I have is the courser randomly moving up and down several lines while your typing, and only being allowed to put one set of page numbers into your document.

This past Christmas I was given a Windows Tablet, and do you want to know the problem I had when I first got the thing? The Windows Store would not work, as in I could not download a single app. Finally after about a week of both me and my dad fighting with it, we were finally able to make it work, but I was getting ready to put it back in the box return it and an Android. (I’ll have you know that Google is probably laughing their heads off at you guys.)

Now for the biggest problem that I’ve had with you yet- Windows 10. So you forced me to upgrade and now I have just one thing to say, it sucks. The terminology and the platform are completely different and now I need to completely relearn my computer. Yes, this is annoying, but it’s not the biggest problem that I have with Windows 10. The biggest problem that I have with Windows 10 is that I’ve lost my disc drive. Call me old-fashioned, but I still need the disc drive, and for the past 3 weeks a friend has had my computer trying to repair it.

Dear Microsoft, I cold go on but I guess you’ve heard enough.




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