In Memory of Lois Duncan

Hi Everyone,

First off I’m going to start off by saying, I’m sorry this is another sad blog post, but It’s one I can’t avoid. So as most people probably know at this point the great young adult author Lois Duncan died a couple weeks ago. Yes, I do know that I’m late posting about this now, and I did want to post about it sooner, but I just wasn’t ready. It wasn’t until I finished reading one of her books which I hadn’t read before, before I felt ready to post this.

In my opinion Lois Duncan was an excellent writer. Her books are both exciting and thrilling, they keep you on the edge of your seat, but there never too scary. Some of my favorite titles that she wrote are “Ransom,” “Don’t Look Behind You,” and of course “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” Although more importantly Lois Duncan was also a pioneer in young adult fiction, she was one of the authors who helped make it an actual genera. Lois Duncan wasn’t just an influence to me, she’s one of the reasons I can now write what I write.

There’s so much more about Lois Duncan which I could say: like I could talk about her life, her career, a real life tragedy that actually struck her family, but every other blog post and article has already covered this so why should I? Instead what I’m going to say is what I admired about Lois Duncan, she both loved and cared about her readers, and she was always eager to support new writers. For last few months of her life I was lucky enough to have her as a Facebook friend, and I enjoyed getting to know her in the online sense. Granted I never knew her personally, but I wish I did. As of right now I still haven’t been able to quite comprehend the fact that she’s really gone, and I think the reason being is that on my bookshelf she still lives on.

“I wouldn’t allow myself to think of them as people, just a meaningless list of names without faces.
If I could have attended the funeral it might have been different. That ceremony gives death a stamp of authenticity, like the words ‘The End’ on the final page of a novel.”
-Lois Duncan ‘Don’t Look Behind You’




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