A Rant on Cigarettes

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a happy 4th of July. Mine was pretty good, spent sometime with the family, and also got to see two sets of fireworks. (I love fireworks) Although with the Holiday being at the beginning of the week I’ve taken a couple days off of working on my next book. As of right now I still haven’t gotten back to it, but I’m thinking that maybe tomorrow I might start writing again. Oh, and and while I’m talking about writing, “A Town Called Gonefor” is 50% off right now on Smash words for the Summer/Winter Sale.

So the reason for this blog post is from something that I experienced on the 4th. So I’m with the family, at a park watching the 4th of July fireworks, and a group of people next to us start smoking. Now this doesn’t bother me per-say, but my sister who has asthma will start to have trouble breathing when someone starts smoking next to her. This is exactly what happened Monday night: someone starts smoking, she starts coughing, and she can’t simply move away because she can’t breath enough to move. So in the end she has to watch the fireworks coughing the entire time.

One of the reasons why this indecent bothers me so much, is that in New York State all public places are smoke free, except for in designated areas like the parking lot. I think this is a great law, and there’s also a grate reason for it. You never know who won’t be able to handle the secondhand crap. Oh, and just FYI e-cigarettes still produce smoke. Now I’m sure I’m going to here something about smokers rights and community, but don’t the non-smokers of a community also have the right to breath? So I’m going to end with this question, is there any reason why a smoker can’t smoke their cancer away from the crowed?

Okay, rant over, hope you had a happy 4th.


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