Me and My Hair

What is this annoying stuff that keeps on growing from my head? It’s always so wavy, and it never lays flat- It’s my Hair! My longest running battle in life has been with my Hair, and as much as I hate it I guess I’m stuck with it.

Hair, you never listen to me. You never do what I want you to, and you never do as your told. Okay, Hair, that does it you have one I’m chopping most of you off.

Hair, you’ve come back again- oh no. Well, we’ve been apart long enough so let’s just see if we can’t live with each other once again. Maybe you just want to be grown out, would that help us get along?

Hair, every morning you get on my nerves, and I’m always afraid about how you look. Although I still haven’t completely chopped you off, so I guess that’s a start. Hair, we just simply have to agree to disagree.

This is my hair battle, what’s yours? Feel free to let me know in the comments.




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