The 10 Reasons Why I’m Late Doing A New Posting

  1. I forgot my password.
  2. My Computer broke.
  3. I’ve been reading a good book which I couldn’t put down.
  4. I’ve been binge watching a couple TV shows.
  5. I had a new post written, but my dog ate the mnuscript.
  6. I accidentally cut off both hands and couldn’t type until they both grew back.
  7. I discovered that my house is haunted and had to take care of the ghost.
  8. I got sucked into Hell when Hell openedup in my office.
  9. Somehow my office got moved to inside Niagra Falls and I had to spend a few days blowdrying books.
  10. Somehow a dragon got loose inside my office and burned it down.

Yes, I do know that these are all excuses and I should have a new post up in the next few days.





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