Speaking Out

If you see something you don’t like say something.

I know this piece of advice seems to be older than time, but there’s still a lot of truth to it. It seems that so many times we as humans see something that is totally wrong, but yet we don’t say anything about it. We just simply keep it to ourselves, or we complain about it to someone else who has the same opinion as us. (Preaching to the Choir)

I know at least for me I’ve never actually had this problem. In fact, I’ve always had the opposite problem of not knowing when to shut-up, and a lot of times this has also gotten me into trouble. There was at one point a few years ago that having a lot of people get upset with me started to have an effect, and I started to watch what I say being afraid that I might offend someone. But I have since stopped trying to do this because if it’s something you strongly believe in you should say something, and if it’s the truth you should definitely say something. Yes, the truth may hurt, but sometimes people need to hear it.

What I consider myself now to be is an activist, and I speak my mind making my beliefs known not really caring who I offend. I’m now extremely outspoken and I plan to stay this way because this is how changes get made. And I’m going to end by urging you to do the same thing if there are changes that you want to see made don’t be afraid to speak your mind because that’s the only way anything ever happens.




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